Tracie asked for some reviews from her clients and here's what they had to say:

Healing Touch by Irene - 03/25/2011

Tracie Manso is strongly recommended for her healing touch when it comes to massages. Her extended knowledge of the body and her long time experience in "well-being" give her the power to take you to places where it is safe to rest and heal our bodies traumatized by fast living. Living in Paris now I miss her tremendous magical touch.

Healing Massage by Lisa Fragala - 03/23/2011

In addition to being a superb body worker Tracie goes well beyond what it means to simply be an excellent massage therapist. She takes the time to think with you about your body and is truly interested in your physical well being. Tracie has and continues to take the time to educate herself in many healing modalities so she offers many types of body work. She also has worked hard to create a restorative and relaxing environment for her practice and clients. Tracie pays attention to every detail! With her help & attention I have been able to be more pain free and to have a greater quality of life. I recommend her to my friends all the time and strongly recommend her to anyone who is interested in massage therapy as a form of restorative body work.

Review of Tracie Manso LMT by Tina Smith - 03/20/2011

Tracie Manso has been my massage therapist for at least 6 years and I recommend her very highly as a very well trained and experienced therapist. She knows many techniques and is very sensitive to one's needs. Her massage room is very warm and inviting, comfortable and clean. Tracie takes plenty of time to inquire about your medical and personal history and to ask what you want out of your massage. I always leave feeling well taken care of, relaxed and very peaceful. If you are looking for a caring and nurturing therapist, Tracie will fullfill all your needs.

Healing Massage by Wendy - 03/18/2011

Tracie is a very skilled massage therapist, and I see her regularly. She is well versed in many modalities and intuitively blends these modalities to fit what I need to relax, unwind or heal. I highly recommend her!

Massage for healing and health by kathie - 03/17/2011

Tracie is kind, caring, compassionate, insightful, intuitive, highly skilled and gifted. Her hands are gentle, precise and patient. I will always recommend her as one of the best massage therapists in Eugene!

TRACIE IS WONDERFUL  by Andrea C. - 03/17/2011

I receive wonderful Tracie massages from time to time. She really knows what she's doing, and she is especially sensitive to any pain or health issues that a person may have. Tracie is gentle, yet powerful when the client desires a little more pressure. She has an array of different types of massages and techniques, is very knowledgeable about her profession, and can make you feel as if you are floating in the most blissful place imagined. I highly recommend Tracie Manso as a massage therapist.

Tracie Strong and Sensitive by Robert S. - 03/17/2011

Tracie Manso is a wonderful massage therapist who completely understands the meaning of care. She manages to give my muscles all the strength they require, but also is very gentle and sensitive to my body's needs. I am a large person who needs a strong therapist, and Tracie provides this focused power while her extraordinary sensitivity gives my soul the care it needs.She's the best of both worlds!


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